Graduate Degree Programs

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Whether you are looking for post-baccalaureate certificates, online Master's programs, residential Master's or Doctoral programs, SIUC has plenty of available options. 

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Degree Program Master's Doctoral On Campus Online STEM
Accountancy M.Acc.   Yes Yes Yes
Agribusiness Economics M.S. Yes No
Agricultural Sciences Ph.D. Yes Yes
Animal Science M.S. Yes Yes
Anthropology M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Architecture  M.Arch. Yes Yes No
Art and Design M.F.A. Yes No
Aviation Management M.S. Yes Yes
Behavior Analysis and Therapy M.S. Yes Yes No
Biological Sciences / MEDPREP M.S. Yes Yes
Biomedical Engineering M.S., M.E. Yes M.E. only Yes
Biomedical Science M.S. Yes Yes
Business Administration  M.B.A. Ph.D. Ph.D. only M.B.A. only No
Business Analytics M.S. Yes No
Chemistry  M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Civil and Environmental Engineering M.S., M.E. Yes Yes
Communication Disorders and Sciences  M.S. Yes No
Communication Studies M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Computer Science  M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Counseling and Rehabilitation Education  M.S. Yes No
Creative Writing M.F.A. Yes No
Criminology and Criminal Justice M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Curriculum and Instruction  M.S.Ed., M.A.T. Ph.D. Yes No
Cybersecurity and Cyber Systems M.S. Yes Coming Soon Yes
Doctor of Medical Science DMSc Yes No
Economics M.A., M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Education, School of M.S.Ed., M.A.T. Ed.D., Ph.D. Yes Yes
Educational Administration  M.S.Ed. Ed.D., Ph.D. Yes No
Electrical and Computer Engineering  M.S., M.E. Ph.D. Yes M.E. only Yes
Engineering Science Ph.D. Yes Yes
English M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Environmental Resources Policy Ph.D. Yes Yes
Forestry M.S. Yes Yes
Geography and Environmental Resources M.S. Yes Yes
Geology M.A., M.S. Yes Yes
Geosciences Ph.D. Yes Yes
Health Administration M.H.A. Yes Yes No
Health Informatics  M.H.I. Yes Yes No
Higher Education  M.S.Ed. Yes No
History M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Human Sciences M.S. Yes No
Linguistics  M.A. Yes No
Mass Communication and Media Arts M.F.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Mathematics  M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes M.S. Yes Yes
Media Theory & Research  M.A. Yes No
Medical Dosimetry M.S. Yes No
Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Molecular, Cellular, and Systemic Physiology M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Music M.M. Yes No
Occupational Therapy OTD Yes No
Organizational Learning, Innovation, and Development M.S.Ed. Ph.D. Ph.D. only M.S.Ed. only Yes
Pharmacology and Neuroscience  M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Philosophy M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Physician Assistant  M.S.P.A.  D.M.Sc. M.S.P.A. only D.M.Sc. only No
Physics M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
**See  Molecular, Cellular, and Systemic Physiology
M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Plant Biology  M.S. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems M.S. Yes Yes
Political Science  M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Population Health Ph.D. Yes Yes No
Professional Media & Media Management Studies  M.S. Yes No
Psychology M.A., M.S. Ph.D. Yes No
Public Administration  M.P.A. Yes No
Public Health  M.P.H. Yes No
Public Safety Administration M.S. Yes Yes No
Quantitative Methods Education Ph.D. Yes No
Quality Engineering and Management M.S. Yes Yes Yes
Radiological Sciences M.S. Yes No
Social Work  M.S.W. Yes Yes No
Sociology M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Speech Communication
** See Communication Studies
M.A. Ph.D. Yes No
Strategic Analytics
** See Business Analytics
M.S. Yes No
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages M.A. Yes No
Theater M.F.A. Yes No
Workforce Education and Development
**See Organizational Learning, Innovation, and Development
M.S.Ed. Ph.D. Yes Yes
Zoology M.S., P.S.M. Ph.D. Yes Yes