Cost and Financial Assistance

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Graduate education at SIU Carbondale costs include tuition (per credit hour) and fees. There are many forms of financial assistance available:

which can include a partial or full waiver of tuition costs (fees cannot be waived). Most forms of financial aid are given for a semester or year at a time.

Recording of the Graduate School Fellowship Workshop (Nov. 18, 2021): SIUC Fellowships

SIU Funding Workshop

Recording of the Graduate School Fellowship Workshop (Sept. 13, 2022): External Fellowships


Recording of the Graduate School Funding Workshop (Nov. 2, 2022): Various Funding Options

Graduate School Funding Workshop 2021

Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and scholarships are granted to students who meet certain criteria. In most cases, students must be nominated by their academic department. Interested students should contact their departments for information on how to be nominated and to inquire about the internal department deadline.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions include  teaching, research, and administrative positions. They are funded through departments and researchers. Some administrative assistant positions become available throughout the year. Contact your academic department for teaching and research positions, and watch here for postings of available administrative assistantships.