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Congratulations for reaching the point in your program where you are planning for graduation!

APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION. A student must make formal application for graduation whether or not the student is planning to attend the ceremony. Students must apply online through SalukiNet. The deadline to apply is the end of the fourth week for Fall / Spring semesters and second week for the Summer semester. If you do not have access to SalukiNet, you may use this graduation application instead of applying through Salukinet. Note: the graduation application expires after the student is considered for graduation in two semesters; after that, the student must submit a new graduation application and pay the graduation application fee again.

GRADUATION FEE. A non-refundable $50.00 graduation fee must accompany all graduation applications. The fee for late applications is $75.00. The graduation application fee covers the cost of printing one diploma for each degree earned. Additional diplomas can be ordered for a cost. See Diploma Reprint Orders below. The graduation application fee does not cover the cost of cap and gown rental. See Ordering Graduation Regalia below.

ATTENDANCE AT COMMENCEMENT. Attendance at the commencement ceremony is not compulsory. Doctoral and MFA graduates must be cleared for graduation to be hooded at commencement. Only doctoral diplomas are released at the commencement ceremony. During the ceremony, all graduates receive an empty diploma cover, and the diploma is released separately. Visit commencement for more information.

ORDERING GRADUATION REGALIA. Please visit Commencement Supplies for information and deadlines for ordering caps, gowns, hoods, stoles, and commencement invitations. This website also has information about the color of the tassel for each college/school.

LETTERS OF COMPLETION. If requested, a letter will be prepared for students who have been cleared for graduation by the Graduate School and the academic program. The letter states that all requirements have been met and that the diploma will be awarded. Therefore, letters of completion can be issued only after completion of the clearance process. Letters of Completion may be requested at the Graduate School, Student Services Building, or by sending an email to

DIPLOMA REPRINT ORDERS. Every graduate is issued one diploma per degree earned. Additional diplomas may be ordered for a $25 fee by completing and submitting the SIU Diploma Reprint Request Form - Master’s and Doctoral.

DEGREE POSTING. Check your Salukinet unofficial transcript to confirm the posting of newly-earned degrees. Degree posting usually begins 5-9 days after graduation and takes several days to complete.

DIPLOMA RELEASE. Please allow up to 8 weeks after graduation for diplomas to reach graduates by mail.

ORDERING OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS. To place an order for an official transcript, visit the Registrar’s website. Be sure to request HOLD FOR DEGREE if your degree has not yet been posted when you order.

Click Here for a Complete Listing of Graduation Deadline Dates

For graduation information, please contact the GRADUATE SCHOOL GRADUATION OFFICE at 618-453-4550 or

For information about a Commencement ceremony or program, please visit SIU COMMENCEMENT.