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Dropping Courses

Students officially registered for courses must withdraw formally. An official withdrawal form must be processed. Outlined below are the procedures to be followed by graduate students when withdrawing from courses.

Deadlines for Dropping from a Course(s)

Deadlines for Dropping from a Course(s)
If classes meet for Deadline to Drop to Receive a Refund Deadline to Drop
13 to 16 weeks 2nd week 10th week
9 to 12 weeks 2nd week 8th week
8 weeks 2nd week 5th week
7 weeks 1st week 4th week
4 to 6 weeks 1st week 3rd week
2 or 3 weeks 1st day 1st week
less than 2 weeks 1st day 2nd day

*Students must drop a course or withdraw from the University by these deadlines to receive an account credit equal to a full refund of tuition and fees. Students who drop courses after the full refund deadline but remain enrolled in the University will not receive any refund. Students who withdraw from the University after the full refund period will receive an account credit equal to a pro-rata refund of tuition and fees through the duration of the enrollment period. An administrative fee will be assessed to all students who withdraw from the University and receive a pro-rata refund. The amount of the fee will be a fixed charge of $100.

Graduate Students may drop from a course through the 10th week of the fall and spring semesters. Drop deadlines for shorter sessions are correspondingly earlier (see schedule above). Official withdrawals after the second week but prior to the 10th week of classes will result in the course listed on the student's record with the symbol W. No drop from a course will be authorized after the 10th week of classes. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the drop process is officially completed.

Withdrawal from the University

Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for specific deadline dates. Students who withdraw from all classes will have a statement of withdrawal from the University and the week of withdrawal entered on their records. Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the University after school has started and who are on campus should contact the Graduate School in person to initiate the withdrawal process. If they are unable to come to campus, they may send an email to gradregistration@siu.edu asking that the Graduate Registration Office process a withdrawal.

Students who advance register, including the paying of tuition and fees, and then find they cannot attend school must process an official withdrawal the same as those who withdraw after school starts. In this case, the process is the same as outlined in the paragraph above. Students must officially withdraw if they stop attending classes; the failure to pay tuition and fees by the deadline date does not cancel one's registration nor remove the obligation to pay tuition and fees.

SIU Refund Policy for Withdraws for Semester Length Courses

SIU Refund Policy for Withdraws for Semester Length Courses
Withdraw By Tuition Refund Percentage Fee Refund Percentage
Week One 100% 100%
Week Two 100% 100%
Week Three 50% 100%
Week Four 50% 0%
Week Five and after 0% 0%