601 Continuing Enrollment

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All students in a graduate program but not enrolled in classes by the Friday of the first week of the fall or spring semester will be registered in 601 by the Graduate School. This hour will be dropped if the student subsequently enrolls in a class that semester or is granted a leave of absence by his/her graduate program by the 10 th week of the semester. To request a leave of absence please contact your advisor or program administrator. Each program has its own policy of whether and when to grant leaves of absence. Students on leave are not required to enroll in 601 for the period of leave but a leave of absence does not affect the time-to-degree requirement. Summer sessions are exempt from the continuing enrollment requirement.

Registration in 601 (1 hour per semester) is required of all graduate students, whether in residence or not, who are not otherwise enrolled in fall or spring semester. Concurrent registration in any other course is not permitted.

Students registering in 601 are assessed only in-state tuition for the credit hour associated with the registration. Since none of the other student fees are assessed for 601, the student is not eligible for the benefits of any other programs such as Recreation Center use, Health Service and Student Medical Benefits, Students’ Attorney Program assistance, etc. Students needing the above benefits that require fees may instead register for additional research, thesis, or dissertation hours.

Students who have not paid their bills and owe more than $1500 will not be allowed to enroll, and this may affect their graduate standing. They should enroll as soon as their Bursar hold is lifted.

Students with assistantships are not allowed to register for 601.