Domestic Students Checklist

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What to do when you arrive on campus

  • You should visit the Graduate School Admissions Office - Student Services Building, Room 310 for general information and direction.  Ask for the Admission Officer for your department. We have campus and city maps, Saluki Express bus schedules and various handouts available.
  • Go to the office of your academic department and meet with your advisor. In some cases, you may need to make an appointment.
  • Find out what classes you should register for; this can be done online through SalukiNet. If you need assistance, go to the Student Services Building, Room 309A , Graduate Registration.
  • Ask about any departmental orientation meetings for students and/or graduate assistants that you may be expected to attend.
  • Once you have completed the registration process, you may then proceed to the ID Office ("Administration Office") in the Student Center to obtain your Student ID card. In the main front door of the Student Center, upstairs, first office on your right. The "85#######" number assigned to you is called your "dawg tag". Since our mascot is the Saluki (an egyptian hunting dog), we are informally called the "Dawgs", hence the term "Dawg Tag".
  • Everyone must have an ID card. You will need your ID card to use the library, the Saluki Express bus service, the Recreation Center, The Health Service, and many other university services.
  • Once you have a "Dawg Tag" and register for classes, you may then set up your email account. This can be done online.  Scroll down to the box (Claim account with DawgTag #). Your Network ID is "SIU + dawg tag" (SIU85#######).  Follow the instructions on screen. If you need assistance, call the Computer Support Center at 453-5155.
  • *All correspondence from the University will be sent to your SIU email account.
  • If you have been awarded a graduate assistantship or teaching assistantship by your department, you are required to attend workshops held the week before classes begin.  These are mandatory. Be sure to work out any conflicts in schedules, such as those with department orientation activities, in advance.