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Once admitted, you can claim your dawg tag and register for classes. Students who are not otherwise enrolled for a fall or spring semester still need to maintain concurrent enrollment through 601 Continuing Enrollment. Also, be aware that there are rules and guidelines related to Illinois residency, the SIU grading system, and course load.

Student Portal

Use this to edit addresses, attach documents post application submission, check updates on your application etc.

Student Portal


Sometimes you aren't sure who to call or what services are available to meet your needs. Here is a comprehensive list of student resources, collected especially for graduate students and representing supportive services from all over campus and in the Carbondale community.

Thesis, Dissertation, Research Paper

Our graduate programs require students to complete either a thesis, dissertation, or research paper. View the guidelines and process for each of these.

Thesis, Dissertation, or Research Paper

Financial Assistance

There are many ways to make SIU graduate education more affordable. Find out more about the different ways to seek financial assistance.

Graduate Assistant jobs


Ready to celebrate your achievements? Even if you’re not attending the ceremony, graduating students need to apply for graduation by the end of the fourth week for Fall / Spring semesters and the second week for the Summer term.