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The SIUC Graduate School offers master's degrees in more than 70 programs and the doctoral degree in more than 30 programs.  Within these departments, our distinguished faculty offer inspired teaching and conduct innovative research to ensure our students have everything they need to make their college experience challenging and rewarding.

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The primary concerns of the Graduate School are graduate instruction and research.  The Graduate School therefore plays an essential role in development of instructional and research programs, in acquisition of funds, and in procurement of facilities necessary to encourage and support research by members of its scholarly community. Through faculty, staff, and students the Graduate School makes its contribution to the public welfare of the region, state, nation, and international community.

The Graduate School offers master's degrees in over 70 programs and the doctoral degree in over 30 programs. Graduate students pursue advanced study and research under the leadership of a graduate faculty of over 850 members. In addition, the Schools of Law and Medicine provide graduate students with additional opportunities in instruction and research. The Graduate School administers programs in the colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Applied Sciences and Arts, Business, Education and Human ServicesEngineering, Liberal ArtsMass Communication and Media ArtsScienceSchool of Law, and the School of Medicine.

Within these colleges and schools are departments whose distinguished faculty offer inspired teaching, conduct innovative research, and facilitate student services from admission to placement. The University has an excellent library and has a very good computing facility.  In addition to the excellent research conducted in the colleges and schools, SIUC operates a number of research centers, most of which have been established with the aid of outside funding.

The SIUC Graduate School is a proud member of the Council of Graduate Schools.