Graduate School Staff

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Stephen C. Shih, Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Director of the Graduate School

SIUC Graduate School, Carbondale IL 62901
Phone: (618) 453-4527 Fax: (618) 453-4562
Student Services Building - Room 335A

Rose M.T. Moroz, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of the Graduate School

Thesis/Dissertation Approval, Enrollment/Admission Statistics
Phone: (618) 453-4570
Student Services Building – Room 321

Donna Bennett

Administrative Aide
Graduate Catalog, Graduate Faculty Status, Committee Approval Forms, Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Awards
Phone: (618) 453-4559
Student Services Building - Room 322

Crystal Harris

Graduate School Specialist
Assistantships, Fellowships, Scholarships, GA Satisfactory Progress, GA Student Work Exceptions
Phone: (618) 453-4555
Student Services Building - Room 334A

Pamela Kelley

Admissions & Records Representative
Domestic Admissions
Phone: 618-453-4353
Student Services Building - Room 315

Jane Klucker

SEVIS Designated School Official (DSO)
Admissions & Records Representative

Phone: (618) 453-4512
Student Services Building - Room 313

Amy Ramsey

Supervisor of Graduate Registration
Illinois Residency, Withdrawals, PR Status on SIS

SIUC Graduate School, Carbondale IL 62901
Phone: (618) 453-2969
Student Services Building - Room 324

Le’Mark Russell

Admissions & Records Representative
Graduation Procedures, Departmental Clearance Forms, Diplomas
Phone: (618) 453-4550
Student Services Building - Room 329

Deon Thompson

Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions
Phone: (618) 453-4557
Student Services Building - Room 317

Academic Contract Specialist
Assistantships, Fellowships, Scholarships

Admissions & Records Representative
International Admissions, Application Status Checks

Admissions and Records Officer

Business Manager

Supervisor of Graduate Records
Graduation Clearance, Research Paper Approval, Admission to Candidacy, Probation/Suspension