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Post-Baccalaureate (Graduate) Certificate Programs

Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate Certificate programs are designed to provide specialization to individuals who have already earned a bachelor’s degree.
For a current list of available certificate programs visit https://gradcatalog.siu.edu/grad-certificates/index.php 


  • Applications for Certificate programs are handled by the programs and not via the Slate admission system. There is no way for students applying for Graduate Certificate programs to choose Certificate in the online application for master’s, doctoral, or nondeclared graduate student admission. Instead, they should contact the program administrator for an application.
  • Certificate students must be admitted to the university either 1.) as a student in a graduate degree program or 2.) as a Nondeclared graduate student. The Certificate program will show as the Secondary Program.


  • When a student completes a Graduate Certificate program, the program administrator should complete a Graduate Certificate Completion Clearance Form and send it to the Graduate School Graduation Office via grad.graduation@siu.edu. The courses taken for the Graduate Certificate program should be listed on the form. This form is available for download on the Graduate School website at https://gradschool.siu.edu/about-us/forms.php under Graduation Forms.
  • The printed certificate can be claimed by the student at the Graduate School Graduation Office, or the Graduate School will mail it to the student.
  • Currently there is no charge for the student to apply for Graduate Certificate clearance.
  • The minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 applies to all graduate work, including Graduate Certificate programs.
  • The earned Graduate Certificate will be noted on the student’s transcript in two places: near the top, as a Secondary Program with the Major and Department listed and further down as Awarded: Certificate, Degree Date, Program, and Major.

Other Information

  • A student may withdraw from a Graduate Certificate program at any time by sending an email to gradregistration@siu.edu. There is no penalty for withdrawing from a Graduate Certificate program, but withdrawal from courses in progress must follow the rules of registration for eligibility for refund, etc.