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As one of the top-ranked Graduate Schools in the nation, SIU offers you a unique learning experience. Our excellent programs, outstanding faculty, and scenic campus provide the perfect environment for our students to excel in whatever they choose to do. When it comes to academic pursuits, nothing should be off limits.

Dates and Deadlines


APRIL 6 – Format check deadline for thesis/ dissertation/ research paper

APRIL 13 – Deadline to submit final revisions of thesis/ dissertation/ research paper


JUNE 29 - Format check deadline for thesis/ dissertation/ research paper

JULY 6 - Deadline to submit final revisions of thesis/ dissertation/ research paper 

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News and Messages:

Interim Director’s Message

SIU Graduate programs earn national recognition

Great Tuition Deal for incoming Salukis

Students who are new to SIU, and whose permanent home address is in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, or Wisconsin, will pay tuition at an Alternate Tuition Rate, equivalent to the Resident (In-State) rate. 

High Achievers Alternate Tuition Rate

High Achievers Alternate Tuition Rate - Effective Fall 2016 for new graduate students.

SIU doctoral students win national award for conspicuous consumption research paper


Ramin Bagherzadeh and Jose Saavedra Torres research paper earned national recognition as The Pearson Education Michael Solomon Best Paper in Consumer Behavior Track. 

Through preliminary research, Bagherzadeh, and Torres studied perceptions people have of themselves and their status in relation to their purchasing habits. They learned that people who feel somewhat powerless in their lives are more likely to believe that buying expensive items increases their power and status, leading them to more conspicuous consumption. For more information click here.